everyone has rituals.  i hold mine near and dear to my heart.  things such as Saturday morning tv in bed, hot coffee moments after i awake, and quietly reading are a few things i believe no weekend morning can go without.

enter intrusions…

i feel like lately no matter what i do or where i am i cannot seem to doing my “me” things.  currently i am dog/house sitting and they do not have an electric coffee pot.  they have a french press that after 4 days of trying i have given up on.  so my saturday morning is spent cuddling my cold tervis tumbler of iced coffee.

(you can also see this on sticker shop unlimited’s facebook page)

there is also no dvr.  if you follow me on twitter (you should) you know that i have been complaining about this for a while.  but seriously.  how am i suposed to watch my shows???  its not like i have time every night to watch all the tv i like! to remedy this i went home last night and attempted to catch up on some of my “smutt”.  thankfully no one was home for the first 45 minutes so i was able to start my smutt fest without explanation.  after securing a bowl of chips and salsa i sat down to discover that K$ and his tv addiction had over ridden a number of my recordings.  i was left with a week worth of chelsea latley, mad men, and real housewives of DC.  (thank god mr. match and i made a point of watching jersey shore on thursday).  i guess i will have to catch the rachel zoe project on repeat.

i was able to watch housewives of dc.  for a recap much better then i could ever write see gawker ( Richard Lawson ) and his recaps are the only reason i am still watching this BORING train wreck.

mad men was good as always and lisa watched the last 10 min with me.  we then turned on chelsea lately and that is where the real fun began.  i was able to catch bits and pieces of this over the week so i was more interested in making sure i saw all the round tables.  lisa does not get chelsea.  i have given her both dear vodka it’s me chelsea and chelsea chelsea bang bang she read about a page in both.

lisa did enjoy the show but had one remark that she said every time we started a new show and she did her monologue.  “oh why does she look so bad?  what is going on with her hair?  ugh she is such  a pretty girl in the opening credits!”  i attempted to tell her that its been a rough summer for chels who has been vacationing and having vodka fueled parties at her rental and only did she and thug understand with i compared her to AJH but 15 years older!

lisa then told me to tell chelsea on twitter that she thinks she should do something about her hair.  i told her to get her own twitter but did it any way!  there was no responce from chelsea.

well now that it is 8 am i can turn on the today show and continue my half-a$$ed attempt at a normal saturday morning.

happy weekend!



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2 responses to “.weekend.rituals.

  1. ajh

    i would love to live Chelsae’s life in fifteen years

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