today is the day of lisa.  it is her BIRTHDAY!!!

while almost every day i celebrate the woman who gave birth to me today i would like to spend a moment to share with all of you the mass amounts of joy she has brought to my life.

she taught me how to cook/bake. without her i would be more like my little sister AJH and lost in the kitchen.  she has passed on her skill for my great-grandmother’s pound cake and cookies.  her skill for making dinners and her knack for an amazing appetizer.

she taught me to be the bigger person.  to always shave a smile and to not let others get to me.

she taught me to always be a good sport.  and how that life is better when people thing your a milf/cougar.

she taught me how to drink.  that having a signature drink its clutch for an social setting and that indulgence is better left for specific social occasions, christmas eve dinner, family weddings, and college graduations!

my mother has taught that finding a partner that is not only your best friend but your complete equal is the recipe for a lasting relationship.

above all lisa has taught me that being a good time always trumps your own feelings and that when you pretend to have a good time you actually end up having a good time. she has proven that car trips are awful but with a little sparkle they can be come a favorite memory.

last but not least lisa has pent the last 25 years being the best mommy i could ever ask for.  so today on your birthday i honor you!  so here’s to you lisa, my friend, my mother, and my idol.

you can see the poem i wrote about/for her on mother’s day here. and to see all posts about her just click on lisa over in the tag cloud!


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