today was my 365 day in norfolk.  one year ago today thug and i finished our horrible drive in my black jeep from chicago to norfolk.

(image from zoebakes.com)

and i started my new life…

my, how things have changed.  with all the change and with all the heart ache of the past year i have to say that i am in a much better place and a much happier person!

to celebrate my 1 year anniversary i went to mass, dunkin donuts, harris teeter, the beach with mr. match, and had a gyro!

the only thing that is not the same is that AJH is not home.



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2 responses to “.day.365.

  1. ajh

    hey shithead thug and you didnt drive home, you drove home with ME!! geez now my feelings are hurt and stuff. stop lying to your blogg readers!!!!!!!1 🙂

    • no asshole you flew home. remember i went to work and you had to take the bus to the el and fly home. then dad flew to chicago and we drove home with all my stuff. i drove you back to school. STOP DRINKING its killing your brain cells. who do you think you are lilo?

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