i have food issues.

the list of foods i like is long.  how i like them and what they can touch is SHORT.  that being said i love yogurt in any form but only few flavors.  my newest yogurt kick is kefir.  (lisbeth drinks it in the stieg larson books!)

(image from lifeway.net)

the stuff is amazing.  i poor it over my oatmeal when i want a change from raspberry jam, drink it and today for the first time i made it into a parfait.  (i was out of trader joes low fat vanilla yogurt).  I used the pomegranate flavor and poured 1 cup (the serving size) in to my container then tossed in a hand full of blueberry and topped it with trader joes vanilla almond granola.  it was AMAZING!

here is the nuturition for the kefir:

(image from lifeway.net)

notice how it is GLUTEN FREE!!!  with the blueberries it totally filled me up! i know that skinny b*tch says to cut out dairy but i could never do that… its basically the only thing i eat besides brown rice, fruit and vegetables.

the second amazing part of my lunch was the throwback mountain dew.  i had to get one yesterday for a house guest and purchased one for myself.  according to the nutrition facts it is better for you then the regular stuff, it TASTES SO MUCH BETTER and does not have high fructose corn syrup (my personal nemesis).

i am also having left over salad from mr. match’s and i dinner last night but its just straight up veggies and nothing interesting. but the parfait filled me up so i am going to save it for later to eat closer to my tennis match.  me and mr. match are playing the banana open this weekend.



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2 responses to “.todays.lunch.

  1. ajh

    did you post waht you ate because you want to be like me and steal my idea??

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