i am overly obsessed with groupon.  this is nothing new.

i hate poor customer serivce and LOVE good customer service (having work for almost a whole YEAR  at j.crew i know something about customer service).

this brings me to my recent groupon experience.  one month ago i got a groupon for $99 for 4 laser hair removal treatments.  i did not realize that actually using my groupon would turn in to the worse customer experience of my life!  (including gateway and the cable/heat issue in chicago).

this is how it went.

On monday I called The Spa and Laser Center. The first thing I was asked was it if had purchased a coupon and then was told I would not be able to be seen for 11 months. I asked if there were cancellations and if I could be put on a waiting list and the snooty women told me “NO ONE HAS EVER CANCELED”. I asked it there was anyway I could be seen sooner than 11 months out and she told me if i did not like it i could return my coupon I did not have to get the treatment. we hung up.

The next day I called back and said I did not have the coupon and was told I could be seen that week and was treated completely differently. I was invited to an open house were I could sample treatments.

So yesterday I called groupon.  The women i spoke to the in morning was appalled at the situation i described and said that she was so sorry and wanted to know what i would like done. I expressed my concern at having a laser pointed to my cooter by someone who might consider me a second rate customer.  she totally understood and agreed that his is an unacceptable situation and they escalated the situation and said the manager from The Spa and Laser Center might call me.

The manager did call me.  I explained the situation and she said “well i am sorry BUT i am a business women and you did purchase this at a discount”.  (UM YES YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS?!?!?)  She told me that the only had one laser technician (this is a spa and LASER center) and that if I did not want to be seen in 11 months I could return my coupon. I told her about my experience calling twice and she informed me that I did not have preference over “paying customers” and wanted to know why I thought I was special.   I explaned that i did not think i was special but i also want to know why there was such a discrepancy.  she had no legitimate response.

Back to groupon i went.  This time i talked to a new individual, a male, who i re-explained the situation to.  he was flabbergasted.  He assured me that this is NOT what groupon was about and that The Spa and Laser Center signed a contract that stipulated they do not treat coupon holders differently.  He said he would personally exclated this with in groupon and was so applogetic.  I received a full refund.

I am tres sad that i am not going to be getting my treatment.  but would rather continue using my bliss at home wax kit then possible have my kaslopis mangled by a hair removal laser.


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