poor dusty.

my furry little friends has been through so much in his little life time.  we “adopted” dusty from some elderly folks who thought he was gonna be a little lap dog and after he grew big they could not bring him to their senior citizen living community.  he has MANY little quirks but we have grown to be bffs since i moved home last year.  while bailey is my dog, dusty is much more loving.

(bailey in his younger years)

one of dusty’s strange quirks is that he HATEs having his picture taken.  we like to pretend he is a native american and thinks its going to steal his soul.   he also hates any loud beeping noise.  when the stove goes off, the smoke alarm, the car alarm, or the wheather alert on the tv he has to go outside and bark until the whole house is out with him and the beep is off.

the second strange thing dusty dog or double d does is sit and stare.  in our old home in charlotte he would sit in the back yard and stare at the blue heron for hours.  in our rental house he just sits looking for the heron.  FOR HOURS!

thirdly he is a poop bandit.  i have never seen him poop.  when attempting to collect a fecal sample for the vet we had to stalk him and at night whith a flash light to find him doing his business.  he likes to hid behind a large bush and if you find him he stops mid action and waits until you look away.

dusty also hates aspen and thus is wary of mr. match.  when mr. match doggie sat double d created a fun new game where he would go out in the back yard hop the fence and wait on the front porch.  mr. match would then go out in the back yard to call him in and search franticlay for him.  he would then find dusty at the front door.

as you can see from the picture he has TONS of hair and loves to lick and bit his hair mats making them WORSE.  after scratching his belly this morning i noticed that he had hair mats on his under bell, boy doggie bits, so i took the scissors to them.  normally i would use the electric razor but it is behind all of our home goods in one of two storage units (SU) we have had for the past 3 years as we live in this lovely rental waiting for someone to buy our old house!

so i took the sissors to his little boy doggie bits and was doing a great job until i heard a yelp and he ran faster then when he chasess a squirrel.  aparently i sniped his doggie scrotum.  he was none to pleased with me and gave me teh face he reserves for AJH and mr. match.

we have since made up (he selpt in bed with me last night) but i will not be taking the sissors again to his underside until we find the razor.


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