i have found a new obsession.  her name is jamie and she makes stickers.  this obsession is similar to the one i had from 3rd to 5th grade when i would make lisa by me packs of stickers at michael’s so i could but them in my various sticker books.  (chelsea handler had the same one and describes  it in Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, my current book).  only jamie’s stickers are SOOO much better.

her company sticker shop unlimited is based in florida and i found out about her via my good friends at room it up.

after viewing her website i found myself imaining millions of uses for these must haves but decided on only purchasing two monogram stickers.  One for my tervis tumbler and one for my lap desk.

my initials on my lap desk!

and on my tervis tumbler:

lisa and AJH  and AJH’s friend JV who is visiting for the weekend are already so jealous.  so we will be placing another order tongiht for more tervis tumbler monograms!

please take a second to look at sticker shop unlimited they have so much great stuff and are so great to work with.  the service was so fast and prompt and they really made sure that everything was done perfect!


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