on normal days i give you a splash of happy.  due to my lack of recent posts today i am giving you a tidal wave.


i have so much to share with you today.  first off august 6 officials ends summer session!  this means that my 9 (gaah) graduate hours will be OVER and i can go back to a semi normal life.  whose idiot idea was it to talk 9 graduate hours over the summer??  oh yes mine.

i have one more paper to finish typing up and an exam to take and then its OVER!!

i will then put all my effort in to figuring out community collage (have to take 6 hours) and CLEP exams before fall semester starts.


i just got off the phone with my BFF WJK.  she is getting married next october and i am one of her brides maids.  we have been friends since 6th grade and been through so much.  my obsessive type A personality  (excludes spelling and grammar) has reared its ugly head in helping her plan her wedding.  (she has NOT asked for my help) we are exact opposites and i believe this is why our friendship works.  i have taken it upon myself to send her countless wedding websites and today during our discussion she mentioned that she wants to create her own invitations.  this was just the info i did not need.  i have since jumped in to planning overdrive and sent her countless websites i have been hording in the event that i ever have a wedding.  (more likely be used to celebrate to adoption of my dog next summer… can you register for an event like that?)  anyway if anyone has an websites they think WJK could use please pass them along!


AJH is coming TODAY!!!!  i am super pumped for multiple reasons that today is thursday.

atop that list is AJH and jenni

second: Jersey Shore with Mr. Match, and thai take out!

third: RHWDC

fourth: Betthany finaly (this is last bc i am sad its over)

Splash #4

this morning i organized my room and packed up two garbage bags of old clothes for catholic charities.  i have been on a buying spree at target lately and have jazzed up those AWFUL wire cubes lisa and i got at bed bath and beyond with cute cloth buckets in cream and brown.  the wire cubes are totally temporary and make me cringe every time i look at them.  the cream and brown match my bedding that is currently chilling in my storage unit or SU as mr. match calls it.  he has one too.  one of the many perks of moving back in with M&D.

Splash #5

i am getting better at photo shop!! i made really cute packing slips for my large bins last night.  type a again: i like to write out the order of everything that goes in to my 7o quart opaque tubs so that when i am searching (in a pannic) for that black j.crew turtle neck i can easily see which bin it is in and how far down.

and i place these on top and secure with clear tape:

easily able to see exactly where everything is!

splash #6

after babysitting i am going to trader joe’s and borders to get the the girl who played with fire!!! then i am running my 5 miles and baking cookies!

have a great thursday!


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