jersey shore is back!

there are few things i LOVE more in life then a good tv series that i can become personally invested in … real house wives of NYC, giuliana and bill, bethenny getting married, modern family, glee, mad men, tudors, etc.  (i am an adict).  AND NOW I HAVE JERSEY SHORE.

last night mr. match came over, after our massive thunderstorm, and i made tacos and got FREE queso from moe’s and we watched the season permere.  we also indulged in dark chocolate klondike bars with whip cream.  i think he actually bought the redi whip for aspen who went crazy when he heard the sound ala bailey.

as some of you have seen i requested, via twitter, that mr. match become a gorilla juice head but then took it back as i feel that snooki would come to va and steal him.

highlights from last nights episode: everyone’s blatant hatred for angelina (who gives my favorite mouse ballerina a bad name!), snooki hating on obama for the 10% tan tax and spray tanning herself, and use of the word creep!  i think brian moylan did an awsome recap over on gawker

the thing that really wraps me up in JS is that all these lovely individuals are my age.  i can remember being in 7th grade and watching real world hawaii and wondering hoping that is how life is at 22.  now i am on the verge of 25 (GULP) and i see these creeps are anomalies that i need to live vicariously through.

i also wonder who determined that they need something like $20,000 an episode?  why do we reward such vial entertaining behavior?  and why is AJH not racking up the G’s on one of these shows???  or for that matter why doesn’t mtv/E!/bravo come to my house and tape the insanity that is my life.  i would do it for $1,000 an episode, but if i was offered more i would totally take it.

i was discussing my love of snooki with AJH and told her i wanted to be the white snooki.  she informed me that snooki is indeed white like me.  i want to use this forum to call her out on her bold faced lie because according to wikipedia snooki is a latina adopted to an italian family.  she was born in santiago, chile.  this opens a space for me to become the white, irish with a splash of german, waspy/preppy snooki.

i see a HUGE opportunity for a reality show.

it could be highlighted as i attend the plethora of weddings and awkward family situations i have lined up in the next few months.   (perhaps if he got paid mr. match would finally let me meet his mom… i take that back… this would probably keep me from meeting her)



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