august is always an amazing time in my family.  lisa’s brithday is august 16 and AJH’s is the 18.  this year is extra special because AJH FINALLY TURNS 21!!!  also school starts!  for the first 18 years of my life i remember dreading august (well no the first 4 i prob. did not know any different and then i hated it the fifth year when AJH was born, that’s a story for another day) but now i am pumped as it is the turn on fall AND the start of the school year!

i am currently LOVING my desktop calendar i downloaded from the pink orange.  my good friend DLF  told me about how she personalizes the calendar in photoshop and i am about to try it.   after my serious fight with photoshop last week i have recovered enough to try it again.

maybe i can find a way to put lisa and AJH on it!

also i have decided that i now need illustrator as well as photoshop. good thing i have unlimited funds…NOT.


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