lately i have been over whelmed by a few top secret projects i have been working on.  on top of my school work (finished a class yesterday, 2 left!!!) and summer job these additional projects have gotten the best of me.  but enough of my complaining and excuses for why i have be a absentee blogger.

my top secret collaboration will stay under warps for a while longer but i will give you some hints!  i have been working with the AMAZING jamie over at sticker shop unlimited.  i got in touch with her from my friends over at room it up.

my second collaboration has been with one of my cousins who is currently in school for graphic design.  his views are amazing and i am so privileged to have a relative to bounce ideas around with.  he is super stoked because the work he is doing for me is filling up his portfolio!  i cannot wait to share all of this with you and wish i did not have to be so secretive.

back to normal splash of happy stuff: i recently bought essie’s chinchilly nail polish.

(photo from apothica.com)

you may remember i posted about my love of grey nail polish and i met with lisa monday after work at Ulta and picked it up.   i am totally loving it and suggest if you want a nice nude that is not pink based you go out and get it!

today i am finally getting back to yoga as well, i am totally looking forward to my 6 pm class.  i don’t know how it keeps happening but i have moved exersize from priority #1 to like #1000.  this is not good for my sanity, my behind or marathon training.  mr. match made a keen observation that it happend when i had the boot on and ever since i got it off i just have been out of sync.  now that i am down to 6 graduate credits i am going to move exersize back to #1 and hopfully get life back in sync.

how do you guys make sure you get out and work out enough?  i can use some tips!


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