last night at tennis one of the women on the other team dropped to the court suddenly had what we thought was a seizure.  She then stopped breathing and no one could find a pulse.  It was the most tragic thing i had ever seen.  thank God we were at a tennis center that had an AED machine and there was a women on the court who was an md and could use it.  we also have a nurse on our team and there were a few other on other teams.

we were unable to locate her husband for a while because she did not have her cell phone in her tennis bag or her car.  thank God the club she plays for had that information on file and we were able to get in contact with him.  When EMS arrived we had not contacted her husband and were unable to answer most of the questions the EMS had.  It just goes to show how important it is to have a list of your emergency contacts in your bag or cell phone.

by the time EMS took her to the ER she had a weak pulse but was not breathing on her own.  this morning i recieved a update that she is in critical but stable condidtion.

PLEASE if you have a moment today send up thoughts and prayers for her.


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