with the school year just around the corner i am starting to get anxiety about how i am going to keep life straight.  while having my new blackberry helps so much i feel like i am still going to fall short on things.  i have already missed two birthdays this summer and would like to nip that bad habit before it gets out of control.

for the past 3 years i have been very loyal to the august to august calendar.

while i love this planner i am ready for a change.

for christmas lisa and thug gave me the kate spade planner and i have just been loving it.  i also like that it is january to january which more fits my adult life.

(photo from katespade.com)

i could not find a site that still sold the planner from last year but check out lox papers for a look at the 2011 calendar!  kate spade did not use Bella Foster again this year but it still looks fab!

my morning discussion with AMC got me thinking about planners.  she closed on her new house yesterday!!! and now needs to be super organized as she starts this new stage of life.

while i am not starting a new stage of life i do think i need a big girl planner.  i have been coveting one of these planners from kate spade for as along as i have been a fan of hers! i am a huge fan of the dot noel but cannot force my self to part with close to $90 for something that will be a triplicate in my life at this moment.  (and mr. match already makes fun of me for carrying 2 planners)

for those of you in need of a new calendar come august here are a few more options that cannot be missed:

this is one of the many 17 month styles that lilly has recently put out.  the colors of these agenda are great as well as the duel week and moth view.

amc purchased this one from jonathan adler:

for more agendas check out:



happy planning!


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