last night i had a great time at johnmayer.  the concert was great, he played old stuff,  new stuff and did some improv/covers that were awsome.

I am only sad that he did not play 3X5.  CWD my freind from school and her husband joined mr. match and i.  the four of us had a blast! we missed part of the opening act as we were the ONLY people tailgating before the concert.  maybe because it was a sunday night no one else was?  i came totally prepared with chips and corn salsa, a pitcher of raspberry margaritas and some watermelon.  we had the drinks but not the food and headed in.

i unfortunately came down the the stomach flew at 1:30 this morning and have just recovered enough to eat some oat meal and get on line.  I had to cancel both my babysitting jobs and feel like a real waste.

not much planned for the week ahead so look forward to some good posts, also mr. match’s blog might go live this week!!!  he has done the whole thing from scratch (no wordpress/blogger) for him.  i am so excited to see the finished product!


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