i have treat for you dear reader.  my dear friend AMC recently sent me an amazing present from her place of employment.  she works for an amazing company, Room It Up, doing among other things blogging for them, you can read her insight here.  now that i have disclosed my association i will tell you about HOW IN LOVE i am with my tennis back pack.

this is my backpack waiting to go to its first game tonight (we will forget that i lost 6-1, 6-1)!  i packed it up with my clif bar, extra grips, 3 cans of tennis balls, flip flops, bight bloom sports towel, sigg water bottle and so much more, BUT i still had room to spare.  The first thing i noticed and LOVE LOVE LOVE about my new backpack is that there is an amazing built in hook to hang it on the fence at the court.  of course at todays match i was on a center court and could not get a picture of this.  all you tennis players know HOW important this clip is.

my second favorite feature is all of the pockets.  there is the front pocket (which has my monogram) and in side of there there is an additional pocket.  There is the tennis racket pocket.  The main zipper space that has the clip to hang the bag, and additional clip to hold on to a cosmetic case or to keep your keys and id case, and 4 YES 4! pockets.  one is even has velcro closure!  The pocket that is accross from the zipper is perfect for keeping your after game shoes (flipflops) and the pocket on the side closest to the racket is almost the WHOLE length of the bag, perfect for keeping snacks, extra grips and extra socks!  the final pocket… YES there is another pocket! is on the back of the bag.  easy access for whatever you need. i hope all of these are clear in the pictures below.

(love how you can see my mac in the back ground!)

in addition to being in love with my bag, 2 ladies from another team asked me about it.  i was gushing as i told them it was a new gift from one of my best friends.  if only i had some Room It Up business cards to pass out.  i guess emailing them the website will have to do.  i just love passing on such a great find!

if you are looking for a new tennis bag, a second tennis bag, or a first tennis bag you must go straight to Room It Up and get the tennis backpack.


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