this morning, after a lovely starbucks run, mr. match taught me how to play guitar.  ok you can stop the laughter.  while i do not have a single musical bone in my body, FLASHBACK to freshman year when i was told not to sing at the christmas choral concert, i love to pretend.

mr. match loves playing guitar and i never had an interest before this morning.  i was very afraid at first and refused to even touch the guitar, as i do not like attempting anything that i am not almost certain i will 100% successful.  i eventually held his electric guitar and after much searching through the itunes library picked Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson to learn.

Mr. Match has two guitars at first he gave me one like this
(image from fender.com)

i could not really hear the music so he gave me a acoustic guitar that looked a little something like this:
(photo from ibanez.com)

i was awe struck when without any music after hearing the song he played it back to me!  then it was my turn.  mr. match turned on this program on his mac that slowed the song down.  to say i was bad would be a LARGE understatement.  he was so patient with me and kept encouraging me to keep trying.  eventually i GOT IT!  i am now able to play the first 2.5 seconds of banana pancakes!  all of 5 notes… one is a slide so maybe its just 4?

we then moved on to say it right by nelly furtado.  i got this one right away as it was 5 notes.  after this i was also still able to go back and butcher but play banana pancakes.  for my last song we went on to Jimi Hendrix’s All Along The Watchtower which i found out uses almost the same cord progression in reverse.  all you music buff are probably shaking your head at me and how this is not the correct terminology but its all i have.


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