sorry friends.  i have been so absent.  while i cannot really account for all my time i have been very busy.  i also recently got photoshop and find my self spending countless hours on it without even noticing (see the collage i made in .wedding.rapup. .  i owe you dear reader pictures and updates from vacation as well as so many other things that are currently going on in my life/my opinion of things going on in the world.

first, i just want to say that i had a very hard time with not seeing bristol palin on secret life of the american teenager on monday night.  i came home from tennis and turned it on and then commiserated with AMC when she never appeared.  why did you lie to me people magazine?  WHY?    but then as if the gossips gods heard my cries she comes out today as ENGAGED to levi!  YES!  i just have to say that i like nothing more then a happy story and seeing this teenage family start their lives together will bring a tear to my eye.  i think is is so great that bristol was able to look past all of the abusive things lievi said about her family and mother and forgive him for the sake of their son, click picture for full article.  (perhaps he did not want to get the tattoo of her name removed from his ring finger?)

(photo from http://www.huffingtonpost.com)

i cannot help but think they just look so alaska in this picture.  also what is going on with his facial hair?  that little trip is very cute and i hope he grows up semi normal.  also this does not really look like bristol, am i right?  she looks all doctored up.

also, i had all intention of watching the hills final show ever but i fell asleep.  i’m sure it will be rerun-ed all weekend so i will catch up on it then.  also hoda is about to talk about it on today so perhaps i will get my fill.

second, seriously mel gibson STOP DRINKING and media STOP PLAYING THESE AWFUL TAPES.  i don’t want to hear them i do not care and think he needs help.  seriously help.  and this girlfriend/baby mamma needs to go.


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