i have been very blessed with a large extended family that i am extremely close with.  for the past two days i have been hanging out at my godmothers house with her little girls.  the youngest CBH is 3 and we are very close.  When i was living in chicago we spend lots of time together and became close.  yesterday when we were at the pool she took my hand and said “your my favorite cousins”.  now growing up in a family were there are 32 cousins we all learn at a very young age to tell whom ever is closest that they are indeed your favorite and to ham it up as much as possible because there is usually a treat if you do.  she is a pro at this.

(me and CBH at the pool)

another family tradition (one that i really love) is ordering pizza and drinking.  last night a few of us got together and did just that.  i was late to the “party” because i had to do school work (is anyone surprised?) but still got my fill!

my god mother lives 2 blocks down from my uncle on the same street so after these fun filled evenings we always have a great time walking between the two.  last night as we journeyed home my aunt and uncle lamented over the loss of his prized back yard.  (they are building a new garage).  you would have though his dog had gotten run over.  so much fun.  well im off to the wedding.  party time!

(note: this was all typed up but was delayed in posting as AJH hijacked the computer before i could publish and then life got crazy)


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