The last few hours of the 13 hour car ride from Michigan back to Va are upon me. As o sit in the back seat oh have man of the same feelings i had 10 days ago: why me?

Vacation was amazing. My uncles wedding was wonderful and his new wife looked amazing. My cousins (stood up as groomsmaids) were gorgeous. And if you had any doubts the reception was so much fun.

(so fabulous.  sorry ms. illinois you are sh-mushed in this one)

This was my first wedding in 4 years that I was date less and while thought this would be sad it was great! I did not have to worry about making someone else happy or ensure they were talking to a relative and not embarrassed by my behavior.

Our table wad so so great; ajh, thug, lisa, and all cousins I lived with when I first moved to Chicago. I am going to be the personal attendant in jh’s wedding on new years eve and we hatched out a few dos and don’ts during dinner. (don’t allow mo to pass out at dinner, do keep veuve clicquot on hand!)

I opted for a new drink at the reception (having capped my beer intake at the reception pregame). I indulged myself with 7 and 7s. I was happy with the outcome. No blackout but a nice steady buzz. Also no awful stomach ache. The hangover was strong but this could also be due to the cousins lunch boxes I had everyone take at the after party bar and the lack of water I consumed.

You can also notice how in the pictures it  goes from daytime to night. I love how the debauchery started in the day light hours.

My favorite picture is of ajh, mh, and me. Notice the red white and blue fourth of July theme we sported!

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3 responses to “.wedding.rapup.

  1. ColeB

    I feel very strongly about this. You NEVER take anyone you are just casually dating to a wedding with you for a couple reasons:
    1. They know no one, you probably know everyone. Therefore you are the only person that they can comfortably talk to and they are probably the last person you want to be talking to.
    2. The theme of the day is two people making a lifelong commitment to each other. Way too awkward for two people who don’t know if they like each other yet.
    3. They could be an awful dancer and embarrass the sh!t out of you.

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