.guest blogger woohoo.

What’s up betches. This is the one and only american dream. Currently I’m hungover and life is hard. Its Sunday but not really a funday yet. I mean standing in line at the Walmart subway for twenty minutes just to score an ice water may seem enjoyable but it really wasn’t. The woman about shit her pants when I just wanted an ice water. Rude. Then we went to sams club for booze. Apparently in morris Walmart won’t sell alcohol. Lame. Atleast I got to get a hot dog. Now were in the car driving to the lake. Thugs driving has room for improvement to say the least. I think he is blaming it on the Al Al Al alcohol. Who knows. I snuck ice pops into the cart at sams club. Hell yeah. Moat delicious summer treat ever. Oh god that hot dog feels like its about to come back up. G
Xoxoxo gossip girl

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Note: this was posted by my loving sister ajh shortly before this picture was taken.


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  1. ajh

    just a follow up, i did end up ralphing moments after the post.. outside of the car window. on the highway. hotmessexpress

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