For some unknown reason on the morning of a wedding time moves faster than any other day. Maybe its the hangover from the night before, the extra preparation time or maybe that I over estimate how much I can get done.

Whatever it is it has happened again. The day started great. Got up and went for a run. Came back and was playing with the cousins even got AJH up and out of bed. Then the call came. Lisa was frantic on the other line because we had not driven the two blocks to my uncles and were not ready. I was under the impression she (they: her, thug and k$) was picking us up. Long story short I WAS WRONG.

We are now rushing to breakfast with lisa’s brother out in bfe. Thankfully AJH are in her car. I keep asking her to pull into Dunkin donuts and McDonald’s but that would surly push lisa over the edge.

Another issue with this lovely saturday adventure is that 1. Thug is and awful driver. 2. Its hereditary and AJH is as bad if not worse. Add in all the SKILLED drivers of Chicago and my car sickness is starting back up. Oh joy.

Hopefully I can update with pictures soon!

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