we are off!

lisa, thug, K$ and i are on our way to chicago.  the 18 hour car trip is akin to my own personal hell and i can say no amount of preparation, therapy or xanax could prepare me for the journey i have embarked on.  I am too old for car trips with lisa and thug!

we should be stopping tonight in philadelphia (a new city for me!) and then finishing the drive up in time for me to meet HEP in chicago for some apres-work drinks on thursday!

on saturday we will be attending the weeding of my uncle!  i am very excited to welcome his fiancée into our family.  i am also so greatful to be able to share this occasion with them.  we lost my aunt, my dads sister, to skin cancer a few years ago and my uncle (no blood relation) is getting remarried and has been nice enough to invite ALL OF US to the wedding. (all of us consists of about 60 something hard drinking party animals).

on sunday lisa and thug along with our great country celebrate their anniversary.  i believe this is like 28 for lisa and thug.  i like to joke that its really 25 and they are big fat liars but i know that is not true.

sunday also starts lake week!  we rented a cottage on lake magician alone with a few of my relatives and will be resting and relaxing all week!  hopefully my newly found water courage will continue and i will be able to actually get in the lake!  i look forward to lazily sipping coffee, reading tons of book, taking long runs, and enjoying lake life for a whole week!

i will be in touch via tiwtter all week but will only be getting on-line to do school work….

so excited to start wedding season and lake week!!!


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