did you watch chelsea lately last night?  if not you missed out.  i have been trying to say awake to watch it as the house i am dog sitting at does not have DVR (SERIOUSLY??) but i digress.

last night on chelsea she picked up on something that i have been ranting about for a while.  WHILE i love jenna bush hager she is not the best reporter and obviously did not get her gig on today due to her camera presence.  i also have a strong opnion of her father that i will not get into.

chelsea hit the nail on the head during her monolog last night:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
i frequently tweet about it makes me so uncomfortable because poor jenna is so uncomfortable during her segments but it is just getting to be too much. (i do like her jacket tho!) it cannot be easy for her but you would think someone would help her out.  her taped segments are great but when she goes live i get heartburn.



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2 responses to “.chelsea.

  1. ColeB

    Love Chelsea, but why is she looking so fat lately? Girl needs to lay off the booze and hot pockets.

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