i have to say that i have been blessed with some of the best friends God could give anyone.  i have recently been doing a ton of catching up as 3 of them have gotten engaged and i spent a weekend down in fl with AMC.

today much to my delight i received a call from HP.  she had just return from vacation down in HHI and was on her way back to med school!  i love talking to HP because she is always so happy and full of life.  even though we spent basically all 4 years of college together we have a varied group of friend and one phone call with her always updates me on the lives of so many others!  it’s so strange how you grow apart from some people and closer to others after college.  she was able to update me on a few sorority sisters and i was able to update her on our neighbors from our days at 110 n university!

catching up with friends gets to be so hard.  while the constant e-mail/twitter/g/chat/facebook updates are nice there is nothing akin to actually talking on the phone.  i have been playing phone tag with another housemate from tipsy (the name of our college house) for close to two months.  HEP and i keep missing each other.  life was just so much more simple when you could walk across the hall (or down the block when i was living in chicago)  to catch up with friends!  maybe i will get some face time with HEP when i am in chi-town this coming weekend!


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