have you been to ame&lulu?  it is reminiscent of a.tierney.  i saw them highlighted on sailboats and seersucker.

I of course love it except for the $20 monogramming surcharge!  are they on something?  and the fact that they do not at the moment do wholesale.

i obvously want almost everything on the site but will edit for your viewing pleasure.

the wet bathing suit bag
only $22 (plus $20 for monogram)

Lingerie bag
(only $26)

city tote
(a bit pricier at $86 or $106 if you add monogram)

ame & lulu also have stuff for tennis, golf, yoga and travel.  The baby bag is great and would be a must if i was anywhere near that stage of my life… any of my newly engaged friends might receive one when they get knocked up!  (COLE wish i would have seen this to show you before baby m was born!)

there is a cute pet section as well but i must say i would chose a bed from molly mutt over the one from ame & lulu (that is if i had a dog in need of a bed)  I keep telling mr. match he needs to get aspen one but he says they are t0o girly.

if you pick anything up from ame & lulu please let me know as i am still not shopping and i want to live vicariously through someone!



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3 responses to “.ame.&.lulu

  1. I’m too unfashionable to have a Molly mutt

  2. ColeB

    I need the city tote! My fabulous Timi and Leslie Diaper bag is black and need something to go with brown stuff! I think I’m going to have to order this one. AB will probably have a cow, but I don’t care since he played golf all day while I was stuck inside with a baby attached to my boob.

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