it would be so hard to find all of the amazing blogs out there but i have recently stumbled upon a few that i HAVE to share with you.

The Pink Orange i have already talked about this site on my blog but i continue to find amazing things on the site.  I love all of the fonts she finds and love the work she did for

The Sweet Occasion. The lemon aid and sunshine birthday party that she highlighted is so cute and i think would be perfect for a summer wedding shower, baby shower or birthday! the party ideas she has are amazing and it is a great way to jump to more sites.  you have to check this out if you are planning any type of party!

the best thing about both of these sites it they have downloadables so you can replicate the great things they have come up with.  nothing i love more then inspired women sharing their ideas with each other!!!  a few of the pdf’s you have to pay for, but the cost is slim compared to what it costs to have someone custom design an invitation for you! the ideas are so great you wont mind coughing up a little cash!

my third tidbit for you today is eat drink chic. the ideas are amazing.  i only wish i had my own space (or tons of friends to have a party with) so that i could use some of them!!!  one day!

well friends have a great thrusday.  i will be finishing up my lit review and chilling at the pool!


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