since i am switching my profession i fear that the rest of my life will be spent looking for summer jobs.  when i look back on my working life i must say that i have been unbelievably pampered and blame THANK lisa for this.  i will say that my job of choice is babysitting and normally i love this.  my current nanny job is sub-par and makes me want to cry.  While i normally would love the chance to be paid to do nothing all day i have things to do and watching tv at a strangers does not bode well with my current life plan.

normally kids love me… its why i decided to become a teacher.  these little kiddos despise me.  one is 11 the other 13.  they do not need a baby sitter but they cannot really be left alone all summer long while mommy and daddy go to work so that is where i come in.  i have tried to befriend them, joke with them, i EVEN offered to take them to the beach.  NOTHING.

today i have decided that i will just lay out at their pool (what the mother told me i should do from the very beginning) and do my work…

ugh my work.  this is another whole issue in my life right now.  i am seriously on the verge.  and the lack of wireless internet at the job is contributing to this.  thankfully i have internet this morning and am downloading all sorts of things so i do not need more when i get there!

on that note i should get back to it.  happy wednesday dear reader!


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