so much to go over.  first i would just like to say that i am so happy the internet is fix!!

I will start with a recap of my visit with amc.  in a word AMAZING!  from the moment i stepped off the plane i had a blast.  all the time wondering why it had been a while year since we last hung out.  we hit up the gardens (a real mall!!!!) and i spent way to much money.  good thing i had saved up for my trip.

from lululemon i got the cool racerback.
i have already worn it twice and am in love with it.  AMC has a few of them and wears them for tennis.  I wore this first on the plane ride back and then yesterday at yoga.   i love it that it is so long and light weight.  feels like i’m wearing nothing.

from j.crew amc and i got hats.
my hat is not available on line… good thing i scooped it up when i did.  i am overly obsessed with it and cannot wait to break it out in Michigan…. is a labor day wedding outside to late to wear it???  i’ll make it work!

lastly we picked up some t’s from the gap.  it was so nice to be able to go to all these shops at one mall and not dive like a looney from here to kingdom come like i have to do in va!

other high-lights of the weekend were getting gyros!!!, mani/pedis, the bech with amc and her mom!, the sand bar with jpc and brodie, and dinner at the food shack and black marlin!  it was such a great time and flew by so fast!  here is a little photo montage of the trip… more can be see at facebook.

now i just need to get my life living situation squared away so AMC JPC and brodie can come visit me!!!

for all of you miami alums sorry i could not make it to ohio for alumni weekend… the beach with amc was just so more enticing!  a mini miami reunion minus skippers.  hopefully i will be in attendance next year !


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