just got settled back in after a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

i will recap all the fun i had down in PBI with amc in tomorrow’s post.  here is a sneak peak:

in addition to having a great weekend with AMC i found out that my oldest and dearest friend (she is actually exactly 6 months younger than me so she is not that old!) WJK got engaged!!!!!  while i have not heard this amazing news from her, she is in ireland, however, her dad filled me in today when i got wind of the gossip!!!  so strange that two of my good friends would get engaged in the same week!

i feel like i am getting to that age where everyone is doing great things and becoming a grown up.  AMC and mr. match are buying houses, EY and WKJ are engaged, life is just moving way too fast!

off to finish celebrating fathers day with thug!  he got some new shirts and ties and a new cook book!  and we are all watching the us open per his request. (has anyone else noticed what a hottie mcdowell is??)

also a super happy fathers day to cole’s hubby, only a week being a father so it has to be special!



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2 responses to “.weekend.roundup.

  1. Omg the matching bags just put you both on a whole new level of OCD..

  2. ColeB

    AB had a great Father’s Day. I let him play golf one week after our daughter was born, which he should be eternally grateful for 🙂

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