at the very top of the things i hate the most in life is packing.  i cannot think of a thing i hate more than packing.  for someone who loves planning and organization as much as i do this may seem a disconnect but the very nature of packing goes against everything i love.

it is so unorganized… and you have to prepare for the unexpected and assume multiple conditions.  I have created a few lists of all the things i need t pack for my VACATION to see AMC tomorrow but i am sure they will all go out the window as i pack tonight.

in college when i had to pack for europe i had a massive breakdown and lil’deb cakes and lisa had to pack my thinks… packing to go home was much easier as i just threw all my crap back in to my suitcases.

the best thing about my trip down to PBI is that i am flying soutwest and can put two bags under for fee.  i will only be putting one back under but knowing i have all this room has made my packing anxiety subside a bit.

a photo journal of my packing will come tonight, after i finish all this work!

also no target tuesday this week… hopefully AMC and i will find some good things at her target and i will have lots to post about next week!


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