so i just found and took this little quiz about what font you are.  i found it on The Pink Orange after getting 6 new fonts for my computer!  don’t know when i will ever use them but they sure are pretty!

i am courier!

you should check out the pink orange both for the blog and for her great shop!  i am salivating over some new stationary from her!  perhaps i will get her to do my 25th brithday party invites!  keep 10-10-10 clear!

in a side note:

i am at starbucks blogging (not doing my work) and ease dropping on everyone else and the little old man next to me just gave a lady a lesson on how to say NORFOLK that made me spit out my drink.
woman: oh no i don’t live in norfolk (pronounced how it looks) i live in virginia beach
man: woah were are you from? not here.  no one says nar-fuk like that.
woman: west mass.  just moved here my husband is military
man: i love the millitary so i will help you out.  its pronounced nawr-fuk… like i don’t drink, nor smoke, nor-fuk.
BAHAHA.  i about died.  she went pale.  amazing!



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3 responses to “.find.your.type.

  1. Aunt M

    Wow! Love this…I am in the know. I can now compare what thug says to reality! Have fun with AMC. Tell her your very accepting and diverse cousins say HI!

  2. Lil'Debcakes

    Love The Pink Orange, I get so excited at the end of the month for her calendar each month! I use it for my back drop, and add my important dates in PS.

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