most mornings i sit at my computer while my parents get ready to go to work. the topics of conversation vary greatly but they are always amusing.

today, there was a discussion about who was the reacher and who was the settler in their relationship (this comes from a how i met your mother episode). now, i want to quantify this by saying that they have been together for 27 years on july 4th and both put up with each-others antics quite well. apparently thug always thought he was the settler and so did lisa. this caused a bit of a discussion that caused much joy to be injected into my morning.

you see every time she becomes a bit intoxicated, lisa, tells me and AJH that you must find a guy that is more into you then you are into him.  then she gets who ever is around to join into this conversation and take her side, mostly it is relatives but it has been sorority sisters’ mothers, strangers, and most oddly enough my father.  her theory is that if he likes you more then you like him he will never cheat on you and life will be wonderful.  now, i know how much my mother loves my father and i think she is all talk.  my take after watching them for close to 25 years (gulp this age thing is not getting easier) is that each must believe the other likes them more.  both individuals must believe that they are so lucky to have the other and want to continue in the relationship come what may.  i have been very blessed to be born into a family where the divorce rate is extremely low and have seen this play out over and over again.

that being said i will show you how lisa left for her job today.  she gets edgy about job being real and thugs not because he can go in and leave whenever he wants and she has to see patients all day.

lisa: bye fam i will miss you, as i go to my real job
thug: i will miss you like a communicable disease
lisa: after all the things i do for you, this is how you treat me
thug: i understand how it is… i like you, you put up with me.  no don’t kiss me.


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  1. Thug

    You really need to get your story straight:
    1) It will be 28 years on July 4
    2) If you ever saw how long your Mother’s arms are you could easily see who is the reacher
    3) I’m surprised you don’t remember the covered wagon I used to drive around in…yeah the type the ‘settlers’ used

    Don’t ask question or try to figure it out……..we all reach out to make sure love settles in all the proper places

    Thug rules!

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