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those of you know know me, know i love her.  our obsession goes back very far.  i still remember the first time i saw a kate spade bag.  it called out to me.  it was at the j.crew, lisa and i were shopping for my birthday and the mother and daughter in front of us in line each had the black sam bag. i was taken back.

i had to have one.

i whispered to her to look at the bag, that i wanted one and she responded: those are so expensive its some new designer in new york.  i was speechless.  how did she know about this bag and not have gotten me one.  how did she know about the most exquisite, timeless, handbag i had ever seen and never shared with me.  I got up close to the bag (too close) and saw the little label on the out side: kate spade new york.  it was LOVE.  this was 1999 and i was in 8th grade.

thus began my quest to own a kate spade bag.  back in 1999 i was not the smartest cookie on the block when it came to fashion and good ‘ole lisa was no help.  i began scouring charlotte for my very own sam bag.  there were plenty on ebay but the year prior i had been taken by a criminal (paid 100 for a north face jacket and was shipped a gold velour jump suit) and was no longer allowed to buy things from the site.  i was also only 14 and could not drive myself.

then i saw one, at the mole hole.  it was amazing, i had to have it.  and i did.  lisa got me my very own kate spade sam bag.  it was $30, a steal i thought cheaper than on e-bay, it was amazing.  untill…

I found out IT WAS A KNOCK OFF.

i know this seems odd but remember i was 14, searching for a bag that was out of my reach and i had found it  no one could have convinced me it was a fake.  all the girls at school fawned over it.  (the same thing happened when lisa, in the same year, got me a fake burberry scarf)  i was in heaven and lisa was my hero.  until i realized it was a fake.  this happened about a year after i got the bag and i was devastated.  i was again without a kate spade bag.

For high school graduation lisa redeemed herself and purchased me a pink dot noel bag.  it was not the sam bag it was bigger and could carry my books for college!  it was love all over again.  i remember going to the kate spade store that had opened at the mall and actually buying it.  not just looking and drooling.  (you may remember there was also a carry on piece and a golf bag in the same print)  lisa had said for my birthday i could possible get the carry on luggage, i was over the moon! (the piece was sold out by the time my birthday came around and i still yearn for it)

this bag then became important on bid night.  i got a bid to a chapter that was not my first choice and was not that happy to be going to bid night.  i showed up reluctantly and saw another one of the pledges had a pink noel dot bag, hers was the small purse!  she was cute and i instantly knew she could be my friend, i felt like i could make the chapter my home.  (i can be a bit shallow and will openly admit that).  we are still friends today and laugh about how i picked her out of the crowd because of her bag (a graduation present from her older sister).

i still have that very first bag and bring it to every interview i go on.  its bright its loud and not appropriate but i don’t care.  since this time i have accumulated multiple bags from kate spade and love each of them.  i never did get a genuine sam bag, but have gotten multiple pieces that are just as time less and have not been knocked off so blatantly.

if you do not own one of her pieces and have a bit of extra cash laying around i suggest you head on over to the sample sale because there are some GREAT deals.  and if you do get something, let me know, as i cannot indulge myself this time but would love to live vicariously through you!


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