another great weekend come and gone.  for those of you who follow me on twitter you will know that friday night/saturday were a bit stressful for me as i had to take the praxis II and well due to my crazy class load this summer (9 graduate hours WHAT WAS I THINKING) i had zero time to study.

a classmate of mine that have i become close with was also taking it and we chatted before the test which helped me calm my nerves.  i felt like i was back taking the ACT trying to size everyone else in the room up.  thankfully i finished the test in time (we only had 2 hours) and think i only got a handful wrong.  i will be a mess of nerves until i get my scores back.

on sunday mr. match and i went to see his new house!!!!  i did not prepare him for my harsh review.  i LOVED the place but had some critiques that i should have kept to myself.  i am excited for him to move.  aspen, mr. match’s dog, also came over for a full day play date on sunday.  dusty and bailey loved it.  aspen loved it too as he was able to run all around the back yard and roam freely.  he is such a baby,  whenever mr. match would walk into another room he would sit outside the door and wait for him.

mr. match had dinner with my family last night as well.  this went off without a hitch and lisa was so excited to be able to entertain someone finally!  she made a great dinner.  the highlight for me was the potato salad that we substituted greek yogurt for the mayo and sour cream.  it was AMAZING!

ALSO on sunday out great family friend became a grandma for the very first time!  cole had her baby, a little girl, yesterday and i am beyond the moon excited for her!  this makes lil’deb cakes a grandma and LJF an auntie!  the best part was the baby waited until grandma got there to make her appearance, unfortunately for cole this meant a FULL day of labor!  i cannot wait for more pictures and to go her cute girly clothes (and a miami cheer leader outfit) for her.

up this week:

lost and lots of school work so on thursday i can go visit AMC and play all weekend!
getting back to my running schedule and making NO MORE excuses


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