there a many ups to my living at home and there are MANY downs.  the other day while at the wal-mart grocery (have i mentioned how classy the place i live is?) i experienced another one of them.

lets just say it was less than classy on my part and mr. match heard all about his part in this trashiness.  this moment in my life could only have been more poetic had i been wearing jean shorts, and a white tank top a la britney spears.
i want to further show the shock value of this as i made it my whole life (24 years) never having been caught by my mother or father with a mark such as this.

while this would be a down no matter where i was living having my mother find this, while at wal-mart, then proceed to tell everyone that she knows,  including lil’deb cakes who is going to be a GRANDMA any minute now, really got my gears a-grinding!!!!  she has also started referring to mr. match as my “FRIEND” and has gotten on my last nerve.  i really do not understand her obsession with quantifying my situation or with telling kingdom come about it. (also when she does air quotes i really want to flick her off, i have held off but i don’t know how much longer this can last)

while i could get over her telling lil’deb cakes she also told the LADY I BABY SIT FOR.  while she and i are close and she is prob closer in age to me than to lisa, i do not want the women who pays me to take care of her children knowing about my trashy escapades.  (lisa is currently reading this over my shoulder and has decided that she is going to guest post her feelings one day soon).

i probably should have live blog the family discussion this morning as i am sure it would have provided you with immense entertainment.

things to look forward to:

tonight mr. match is going to be joining my lovely family for dinner.  lisa has been requesting his presence for over a month now and i think he has finally been guilt-ed into spending time with my three ringed circus.  if only i could live blog that.

THURSDAY AT 6am i head to pbi to be with AMC!!!!  (just had to beg and plead with the people who gave my life to take me to the air port at that time of day.)

happy sunday!!!



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3 responses to “.busted.

  1. Lady who you babysit for :)

    Hehe…don’t worry about the “mark”…I know you’re not trashy and I trust you with my kids..you know they love ya! I enjoy your blog.

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