did you watch real house wives new york reunion #1 last night?


to much to even start to discuss.  i really think that ramona having a hot flash was the high light of the show.  other high lights for me include that bethany still wanting the spot light.  everything that anyone said she had a comment and was like oh me too.  bobby does that, etc.

also, i don’t know if any of you feel this way but that kelly is totally the attacker.  she went after alex last night.  she is just more passive/sneaky in how she does it.    sometimes i feel bad for her and other times i am like holy sh*t she is crazy.  this accusation that bethany planted press about her is so done.  MOVE ON.

In other news:

bethany’s new show is amazing.  and her new assistant is such a cutie.  amc text-ed me this am to tell me to date him (sorry mr. match, who does not read the blog anyway!)

also  i have something BIG BIG BIG in the works.  it will take a while to come through but hopefully i will able to post about it before august!!!!

lastly, i have my massive praxis II test tomorrow.  i have been less then studying for it, so i am A. freaking out, B. spending all today (well i gave myself until 9am to goof off) studying and doing school work!


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