right now all i want to do is move back into my old room in charlotte with my massive closet and organize my life.  I also DESPERATELY want a home office.  just a place to do my school work and relax.

to dream (while listening to my online lectures BORE) i perused a few sites:

From Pottery Barn

(image from potterybarn.com)

what i love about this is the great use of wall space.  It has space for an idea board, keeping magazines, and school books off the desk but in eye sight.  I hate having to put things in drawers as they out of sight, thus out of mind.

(image potterybarn.com)

while there are a bunch of things i do not like about this space the key features that i LOVE are the double desk, his and hers?, the file drawer  and the expanse of desk space.  I would love to combine this with the wall space usage in the first picture.  The file drawers would be great for filling documents, if using as a his and hers, or keeping business files in a home office situation.  The third think i love about this the option to have one space be a home office and the second be the household office.

if you are thinking that you love these desks head over to pottery barn and use the bedford desk builder to build your own

From Crate and Barrel

(immage from crateandbarrel.com)

i love the clean lines of this desk/bookshelf combo.  the desks a crate and barrel are much simpler than at pottery barn.  this would be perfect for my little macbook and school work.

(image crateandbarrel.com)

i love the hide away factor of this desk.  it also comes with a built in idea board!  this would be great for transiting from school work to other hobbies as you can just shut the computer away and have drawing/design space!

this is by far my favorite desk from target.  i love the hutch.  it makes the desk.  i would use the cut out in the hutch to put my idea board.  it would be perfect for a large wall space.

from target

(image target.com)
if you have not notices i really like white for office furniture.  sometimes white can look very cheep but i think it keeps the office bright and goes well with pops of color.  I would ancent mine with color all around.

(image target.com)

i love this desk, it reminds me of the ones on pottery barn.  i love the storage options.

from IKEA

(image from ikea.com)
i feel the only reason to by from ikea is if you do not plan on keeping something for more than 2 years, or if your going to beat the shit out of it.  the stuff is cheep and so is the quality.  this desk says with the large desk space with a bit of storage to keep thinks hidden.  at just under $90 you would be better off saving a bit longer and going to something of quality.

(image target.com)


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