what an amazing weekend.

mr. match and i played mixed doubles in tennis tournament.  we had never played with each other until friday night and it took us a bit to get out game under control.  by the second set we were doing much better but unfortunately could not pull out the big W.  luckly we were in a round robbin and had to play again at 8:30 am on saturday morning.  we went into a tie break and WON!!!

our next game was at 3pm so we chilled for a bit and then went and had greek food.  (obviously the best choice!)  we ate at my new favorite restaurant in ghent, azars, (it was my second time in 3 days).  i am clearly obsessed with the place.

our second match was a forfeit by our opponents so we practiced a bit and then had a few beers and chilled at the club.  for dinner i took mr. match to another of my favorite places in the area, chick’s oyster bar.  being a native of the area he always chooses where to go (b.c i have virtually no clue) but he had never been here!!!!!

it was a great end to a great day!  we sat on the bar and enjoyed shrimp and chicken wings.  mr. match had another beer but because of my poor tummy i opted for a crush… and was quickly intoxicated.  to end the day we took aspen to the dog park.

sunday we played our final match and lost.  our opponents ended up winning the whole tournament with the other team we lost to coming in second so i do not feel so bad.  i did lose my cool a few times on the court and had to apologize to my opponents and the men on the next court over.  (i when i screamed out a bomb after double faulting).

after the game i rushed over to the norfolk tides game.  lisa’s doctor had been invited to a box and the whole family was invited.  i love baseball games, espically ones with free food and booze!  i really liked harbor park it reminied me alot of great american.  the tides lost but it was a good time.


in other news the cable is now fixed and i can post more regularly!  (there will be a few post today!!!)


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