while i have never seen driving miss daisy in its entirety i feel like i have been living the story for the past few weeks.  currently due to unforeseen circumstances we only have 2 cars for three people drivers at my house.  since two of these drives have 8-5 jobs i normally drop one of them off so i have a vehicle to do my various errands (read go to starbucks and target) in.  last week i had to drive lisa to work every day.

while driving her to work is not a problem and was actually a very enjoyable experience all of our time together got to be to much by friday.  if there ever was a worse back seat driver passenger seat driver then my mother i would like to meet them.  she is clearly capable of driving herself but always has me take the wheel (so she can talk on her cell phone).

typical after-work car ride:

me: lisa how was work

lisa: picks up her phone and calls someone… proceeds to have a 30 minute conversation.  every 3 mintues she breaks to make this esssshehhsssh noise and tell me that i am a bad driver and to get off my phone (i am not on my phone).   She also likes to act like the the car 700 feet in front of us is stopping i should immediately slam on my breaks to avoid a collision.

me:  jesus lisa.  i have been driving for 7 years without an accident.

lisa: don’t talk to me when i’m on the phone.

(this is where i lose all control of myself.  first off i am not her taxi driver and second i do not need to be treated like i am a taxi driver)

me: then stop making noises at me!!!!! why don’t you drive if im such a bad driver?

lisa: i want to talk on the phone.

mornings are much calmer and i get lots of good advice (look for a good lesson from lisa coming soon).  i think that the after work hour is a hard one and people need time to decompress.

my other issue with driving lisa is that she knows 1 way to get everywhere and gets really ticked off when i take a different way.  this is beyond comprehension for me as she still gets lost all the time and usually leads me on the most round about way of doing things.

while it is frustrating i really enjoy the extra time with lisa and until the situation changes i will continue to drive and bicker with  lisa.



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2 responses to “.driving.lisa.

  1. ajh

    i love lisa. she hates my driving though.

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