i don’t want to get to high up on my soap box but i am really jazzed up over this oil spill.  yes i contribute, i drive an suv and do not have solar panels or a wind mill on my house but i do try and conserve and love to carpool.

with that said WHY ARE WE STILL DRILLING OIL IN OUR OCEANS.  have we not had enough warnings.  look back at the oil rig blow up in mexico in the 70s and the exxon valdise spill.  why are politicians still staying we should drill.

WHY IS NO ONE STANDING OUT SAYING LETS HARVEST THE SUN OR THE WIND????  at least this will not kill all the sea creatures and the fishing and tourist industry of an area.  and personally i think the wind fields in Indiana are beautiful.  they are right off the highway and memorizing to look at!

what was the last straw for me?  this comment by sarah palin.  i have a love hate relationship with this women and this comment sent me over the edge.  you would think someone who lives in alaska would be more concerned with our nations wildlife!

in a side note i am a HUGE fan of Bristol Palin and wish we saw more articles like this about her!!!! there is nothing like a teen mom toting the value of abstinence.  this is my fav quote: “For me personally, [abstinence] is the answer … If I could go back, I would have told myself that just because he’s good at sports and drives a cool truck, it’s meaningless — it’s pointless,”.

happy friday!

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  1. the oil spill in mexico really affected the eco system around that area, it would take years to clean those mess *

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