today, i went to the beach with a new friend, c.  this got me thinking about how at a certin age you start dating everyone.  gone are the days of oh i like your hair bow come over to my house for lunch, and oh are moms are friends so we have to play together.  now not only do i have to date guys but i feel like i have to date girls to find a good girlfriend.  in college it was easy.  being in adpi made it easier but still everyone at college is looking for a friend.  not so now.

my quest to find a friend started shortly after i moved to norfolk.  i looked around my classes for girls i could relate to, for someone (close to my age) that i wanted to be seen in public with.  this sounds harsh and stuck up but think about it… do i really have time to waist on the girl who wears a swimsuit to class every day… i doubt we have anything in common.  I was on a mission to friend a friend.  then november rolled around, then january and i was still friendless.  i had acquaintances but no one i really meshed well with.

second smester opend all new friend opertunities to me and i took advantage.  in my math class i became chummy with two girls, one an undergrad the other a 3o something divorcee.  they were great but not really what i was looking for.  they made a horrible class go so much more quickly and we traded tips on who to take for upcoming classes.  i am super stoked bc i will be in more classes with the divorcee.

in my other class, the one i hated, i met c.  we both went to amazing colleges and found ourselves in our current situation because we want to me math teachers.   from the third class i singled c out as someone i could be friends with.  we became facebook friends towards the end of the semester and today we went to the beach.  this sounds totally stalker and psycho but my situation calls for drastic measures.  EVERYONE ELSE I KNOW IS OVER 34.

mr. match thinks that i am crazy and borderline lesbian because of how careful i have been on developing my friendship but seriously these things take time.  with boys its like hey lets go watch football… girls it is much harder.  maybe i am just a creep and think this… i don’t know.

i asked c to join me at my secret beach today.  it is a gem and i will not disclose the location!  she was unaware of it and was surprised at how amazing it was.  we had a great time!  i am hoping to do more fun things with her v. soon!!!

in other exciting news i got stieg larsson’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  i also got a few amazing finds at target that will be part of tommorws post as i still need to do school work, spend time with the fam and do my 3 mile run.


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