i know y’all are probably so sick of hearing about my countdown until my trip to fl and visit with my ultimate BFF AMC.  its only 15 days away!!!  i have already started laying out clothes that i want to take so that they will be clean before i leave!  i am also flying southwest so i can take 2 BAGS!!!

i have so much to do today so for my bit of happy i took my first yoga class at the space above.  it was a basics class and a good way to get back in the yoga mood after taking my 4 month hiatus.  i was so happy to finally be able to take a class there as i have been trying for like 3 weeks.  On monday i am going to take an all levels vinyasa class, baring anything coming up.

with the school year winding down i don’t think i will be doing any more teaching until fall (which makes me so sad) but allows me to start doing more things for me!

i am becoming obsessed with purchasing a monogram machine (if you have any advice please share with me!!! asplashofhappy at g mail dot com).  i have been asking around an no one seems to know ANYONE in the area that will do custom monogramming.  this makes me really miss charlotte where there were tons of stores!  perhaps if i do get my machine i can go into business with AMC and sell room it up!!!! and FINALLY get all of my things monogrammed.

seconding i am truly considering becoming a member of the norfolk junior league.  i have followed one of my fav. bloggers JGIWC as she became a member over the last year and i truly think it is something i want to do.  i had to miss the first information meeting but hope that they will have another so i can meet some of the girls.

lastly CHICAGO MARATHON training started yesterday… sort of.  I played 2 hours of tennis with one of the women from my team so i did not run and today i did yoga so tomorrow is my first 3 mile run to start training!  i am considering starting a new page so you can follow me!!!  (hopefully i get my monogram machine before the race so i can monogram my outfit.  i was thinking matching headbands for me and all my cousins who are running, and HEP who is also running!)  i was thinking of buying all of us sweaty bands then monograming our initials and 10.10.10.  so cute right!

ok.  off to s*buck to study and be productive.  happy wednesday!


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