what a difference a year makes. one year ago after speaking to my cousin, MW’s good friend I decided that I would return to school and become a teacher.
we met after running the solider field 10 mile race in Chicago. She told me about the year she spent doing city year and how much she loves teaching even though there is no money in it. everything she said made so much sense to me. It was the sign I had been looking for.

my life had felt incomplete. I had a decent job doing something I thought I loved but my work meant nothing. I was volunteering with Chicago Cares but that was not enough.  i needed something more and i needed to find meaning for my life.

last june I applied and was accpeted to an M.S.Ed program and moved half way across the country to a new city where I only knew my parents and brother. To say it was hard would be am understatement.

but here i am a whole year later and a whole year older.  in the past year so much has happened to me all of which brings a new meaning to the phrase “everything happens for a reason!”  no only did i move to a new place but i lost a best friend and a relationship i thought was heading for marriage, i hit rock bottom, i found who my true friends are, and started figuring out who i am!

best thing that has happened in the past year… i have found more things that make me happy and refuse to go a day without being happy.

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3 responses to “.what.a.difference.

  1. ajh

    good for you!! i’m so happy your happy 🙂 i love and miss youu! give pathug a big birthday hug for me tonight!

  2. alex marie

    aw, you have no idea how happy this post makes me! you are a great person and a great friend. I am so happy to see you this happy!!! 🙂

  3. ColeB

    AM, I am so happy to hear you are happy. I always felt like I should have moved to a big city after college and I am so glad you had that experience for yourself, even if it wasn’t what you wanted.

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