i have to much to talk about and so little time to write it all down.  i am currently down in sc visiting my g’rent and the stories abound.  we will get to those later.

first, i want to say that i got the sweetest little message on FB the other day.  a great friend (we will call her cole)  messaged me saying that she has been reading my blog and it was ok to discuss her and her little sister lo  this totally lifted my spirits.  for a large part of my life i lived in charlotte, NC and lil’deb cakes, lo, and cole along with their brother (who is my age) and dad lived up the street.  we became very close over the years have remained close even though we have all moved on in our lives.

cole got married (to a MIAMI ALUM!) a few years ago and recently moved far away from our childhood home and is about having a baby next month!

lo is away at college and is studying to be a teacher!

and lil’deb cakes is living the life and holding down the fort back on our old street.

this winter i will review cole’s signature couchette neck warmers and hopefully get one to give away!!!  i will also be sharing the big news when lil’debcakes becomes a grandma, cole a moma, and lo and auntie!!!!

second, i want to say that visiting family with ajh absent is not fun and i miss her.

third, i want to publicly state that i cannot wait to be in PBI with AMC in 18. and i understand if she goes to see SATC 2 with out me.

thats all for now… my name is being yelled so i must return to family time!  happy memorial day weekend!!!


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