i was on my way to trying a new yoga place today when my phone rang and they requested that i show up for work.  so i got to play 5th grade teacher all day.  oh to make it better today was the day the girls got their family life talk.

after a little girl comes up to me.  she has a very concerned look on her face.  our conversation goes as such:

girl: Ms. H. does it hurt when you get your period?  do you get really nausious?
me: ummm well
girl: i don’t like to throw up.  i am scared
me: well you can take medicine.  it will not hurt every female has it and they all survive so i think you can too.
girl: oh yeah.  do you throw up a lot?
me: um i don’t think you should stress about it.  (in my head all i was thinking was pray it does not come until you are in high-school! and it hurts like hell so hope that your mom is into giving you birth control or vicoden)

in more fun news i wore this:

Top target!, pants gap, shoes stephen bonannos.  are you just loving my hair?


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