its no secret that i love planners (i am down to 2 from 3!!!) lists and organization.  anther love of my is the countdown.

maybe its the math/finance nerd in me but i love to count things.  in middle/high school i was the kid who knew how many more fridays until christmas break, how many more actual days until the end of school and how many more times we had to go to calculus before the AP Exam.

and since i FINALLY BOOKED MY TICKET to visit AMC i have started a new countdown:
i cannot wait.  we have already started to plan out all the wonderful things we are going to do and i have started to fill my money jar with change to spend!

on the same yet somewhat different subject we can start counting up to the 1,000th hit or splash to .a.splash.of.happy.
i cannot wait until we hit 1,000!!!!


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