today, after saying up for over 24 hours straight (thank you relay for life) i spent the day in my bed.  After taking a glorious shower i curled up in my fav pjs (an XL Men’s 2005 US Open Polo, the first year they did the giant polo pony as the crest) and turned on the tv.  I had not planned to spend the whole day in bed or to watch so much tv but life never works out as planned.

I started my day by rewatching this weeks episode of RHWNYC and promptly fell asleep.  around 1pm i got up, ate a bit and got back in bed.  I watched (dosed in and out of sleep) to a few episodes of Pretty Wild on E! and then switched to the HISTORY CHANEL.  in high school i dated a guy who was obsessed with the history channel and i did not understand it.  then in college and to this day when i am hung over/sick/need to sleep during the day i watch it.  its amazing.  i think it has something to do with the voices.  they lull away your hangover like nothing else, and lull you to sleep.

today on the history channel  i learned all about the group of “historians/scientists” that belive that aliens came to earth and created man from homo erectus creating the Sumerians.  apparently it matches up with the judeo-christian story of the creation of man with adam being known as adamu and the aliens playing the role of God.  i feel asleep during the rest of this discussion but awoke again during a discussion about how a spacecraft came and made all these interesting holes in peru and stole large amounts of gold from the earth.

there was also another interesting part where they talked about exposure to aliens (they called them extra terrestrials or ETs) could be what caused ancient people to bind their skulls creating that oblong elongated skull shape.  at one point king tut was mused to be an alien come to the earth to be king.

while i do not believe in aliens and really do not understand ,with all the concerns on the earth, people feel compelled to seek out other life forms, this show intrigued me.  it’s called Ancient Aliens not enough for me to actually get out of bed or fully wake up and take note, or dvr it, but i was was intrigued none the less.

more than anything else i am a bit jealous of all the people out there who believe so strongly in something (even aliens starting the human race and excavating mass quantities of gold from the earth) that they would spend their life studying it.  for a while i have been struggling with the fact that i have no passions.  AMC and i discuss this on a regular basis and i have tried really hard to develop a passion but i just lose interest.  i just can’t fathom caring about something so much that you would risk everything for it and/or doing anything to pursue it.

i have tried to be passionate about finance, clothing, fashion, vodka, swimming, running, yoga, cleaning, reading, cooking, baking, j.crew, designing, my sorority, coaching, polo, volunteering, drinking, baseball, starbucks, excel, organization, etc.  nothing stuck.  however, i am young and there is still time!



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  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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