i am feeling less then motivated today so now spectacular post again… SORRY.

i have mounds of school work and reading to do and lisa signed me up to do relay for life tonight.  while i do love a good charity event and do feel like cancer should be eradicated i do not under stand how walking in circles all night long is going to help.  i would much rather bake a cake, run a 5k, play in a tennis tournament,  or attend a benefit.  i was in a sorority and plan on joining the junior league so philanthropy is not out of my realm but all night not sleeping in a bed… REALLY?

staying up all night walking in circles and hanging out in tents is just not the way i chose to spend my friday night. (or any night… i love sleep more than most things)

did you see free shipping and 20% swim wear at j.crew?   no code necessary.  i have long been a fan of j.crew swim wear.  i got my first j.crew tankini in the 7th grade.  they are great.  i would go up a size in both tops and bottoms.  it used to be you just had to go up a size in bottoms but now tops to.  unless you like having your goodies hanging out! (AJH)


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