as some of you may know i am gluten intolerant.  i try and forget this fact every so often (read 80% of the time) and boy do i pay for it. (like right now)  while i have made some big changes, no more beer only cider, i cannot seem to give up bagels, granola, pasta and other things.

I have tried to switch to brown rice pasta which i LOVE but i am not religious about it.   Also, my severe food issues come into play when switching to most gluten free foods.  the gluten free granola looks so gross compared to my muesli and trader joes vanilla almond granola.  i also found out today that oatmeal does have gluten and i have been eating it like crazy lately (hence the current problem)

while i really should not be complaining because there are so many people out there who have it so much worse (those with celiacs disease) than me but my poor tummy is acting up so bad right now.

in my search to see how others are coping with this issue i found Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef who just today posted about my new obsession GREEK YOGURT!  i actually just ate the Pomegranate Greek Gods Yogurt monday morning and it was so good!  Also found on the website where they sell it in VA.  I will be getting tons of it tomorrow!

she also has lists of no no foods (most are on my short list of things i will actually eat) and a list of totally gluten free foods (some/most i will not touch).

so for now i will curse myself for being so disrespectful to my body and suffer through the pain.  looks to be a gluten free tomorrow for me…


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