i am a little peved at the moment.  i spent a long time looking for the perfect one way/nonstop ticket back from dayton and found it.  it was non-stop from dayton to norfolk.  AMAZ.  until my flight stopped in detroit…

at first i thought it was one of those when the plane lands but you stay on… OH NO I HAD A LAY OVER.  even though i only had one ticket that mentioned NOTHING about detroit or a lay over or anything and i only got sky miles for a nonstop ticket.

look for youself… nothing about a lay over:

perhaps i should have known that no direct flight would leave at 11:45 to 3:25.  but i feel like delta should have done more to inform me.

ok rant over.  on to work for school.  hopefully the sun is out tomorrow for tennis.



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2 responses to “.back.home.

  1. an update to my complaint to delta… 3000 sky miles. and an apology. I’ll take it

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